Legos for adults: Build your bookcase

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Designers from a Swedish design company, Smånsk, revealed
these magnified Legos that stack up into a whimsical bookcase, at the Stockholm
Furniture Fair in February.  Because it
was only a prototype, they are now actively looking for a manufacturer to
produce the product and bring into the mainstream.  My bets are on IKEA, because the bold colors
and fun shapes truly speak to their approach for design.  According to Smånsk:

"All parts of the Skew Bookcase are identical. To assemble it you just rotate
the parts and place them on top of each other. The identical parts
provides easy manufacturing as well."  


Skew/Bookcase sketch.


Skew/Team Smånsk. Set design Fredrik Evensen

Photographs by Carl Kleiner

via dezeen

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