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For my first post here, I didn’t think twice to write about the products made by an NGO in São Paulo, Projeto Arrastão. A group of women who live in the neighborhood of Campo Limpo (where the NGO is located), make products made of vinyl banners and fabric residues, instructed by Danielle Alcântara. Danielle is a designer dedicated to use her knowledge and take it to the communities, who have the raw materials and the manufacturers, but don’t know exactly what to do with them. Even before her graduation, she knew that was the way she wanted to follow.


In this case, a department was created just to guide the seamstresses and teach them how to make purses, storage boxes, wallets, aprons; not only functional but also very well done and with an amazing quality. The products have already been in exhibitions here in São Paulo and also in Milan, in a Fuori Saloni event.

The pieces may cause weirdness at first mainly because of the material they’re made of, but they work beautifully and are a sales   success.  Bolsa3 Bolsa2_3                                                                                                                                                       

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