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Beautiful chairs at Cribcandy

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects



The site Cribcandy is my very last great discovery.  If you don’t know it, is like a browser of household design or like a virtual store window.  They select the best pictures that Internet can provide and put all together, including the original link.   So,  is a easy way to find very good pieces.

I’ve made my own selection here, but you can find many more if you go directly to the category "chairs" from the site.  And, off course, you will find whatever you want in the other categories.



I hope you enjoy my list.  ¿Which one is your favorite?

1) Tete-a-Tete Rocker, by Laurie Beckerman.

2) Doonut, by Branex Design.

3) Scandia Junior Stackable Chair, by Hans Brattrud.

4) Botticelli, by Interior Internet (seller).

5) Get Bent,  by Alexandre Berthiaume.


2 Comments to "Beautiful chairs at Cribcandy"

  1. Awesome, especially the first. and thanks for the link; Ive added it to my favourites along with your blog.

  2. no no, the last is best .))

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