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American sculptor, Susan P. Cochran, has stirred up some interesting response here in Dubai with her giant ant colony that is digging around DIFC…and when I say giant, I mean some stand at 8 meters!!!
The bronze sculptures have been carefully placed around the grounds between the Emirates Towers and DIFC, Dubai International Financial Center. We got out of the car to get a closer look tonight and – before getting swatted away by security – they are quite amazing, and equally as creepy, up close.
Apparently, they are here to represent a larger-than-life message, other than simply being larger-than-life…
“These ants have a social message, they work together to build a strong community just like people are doing here in Dubai,” says Al Shroogi, a Dubai art supporter set to open a new gallery in May at DIFC. “This is so appropriate.”

I must say, there is no lack of interesting visuals in this city, never a dull moment.
The ants will be on display for another 3 months, and one article has this to say –

Several classrooms from across Dubai are planning field trips to the outdoor art display to learn about nature, ants and building a stronger community.
Students will participate in a contest to name each of the ants and there will also engage in a drawing contest, he said.
The visit by the giant ants is important as well, he said, because it emphasises the need for public art, the need for creative works to be shared by everyone and not just for those who frequent indoor galleries.
“We’re bringing art out into the streets,” Al Shroogi said. “Public art has to be accessible. Sometimes an art gallery can be intimidating.”




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