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Win A thomaspaul Pillow – It’s Easy!

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A thomaspaul bonanza! Win a thomaspaul Goldfinch Blue Silk Pillow or a thomaspaul Green/Aqua Silk Buds Pillow. It’s as simple as pie.

Two lucky readers will win prizes based on comments to this post. Comment on your favorite thomaspaul design from the 2Modern collection to enter the sweepstakes. Remember to use either your blogger login or first name and last name so that we can identify you if you win. We will post the winner’s name with instructions for collecting your prize, please check back March 20th, 2008 to see if you won!

Giveaway ends March 20th, 2008 at midnight PST (and sorry, prizes can only be sent to locations in the US). Good Luck!

We love thomaspaul, 2Modern.


147 Comments to "Win A thomaspaul Pillow – It’s Easy!"

  1. I like the pumpkin linen design.

  2. I love the Flora Pillow design.

  3. The Thomaspaul – Chrysanthemums Cotton PillowThomaspaul is my favorite. They are all beautiful!

  4. I love the peacock feather rug!!

  5. I love the nest cotton pillow. It’s so beautiful. I hope I win it would look lovely in my livingroom!

  6. I Love the Corn Silk Pillow!
    Thanks for the contest!

  7. My Mother has always had wonderful things. Things I remember from when I was little, and still search for today..
    Pretty pearl necklaces.. vintage rose perfume.. cream coloured sweaters and victorian wire hair bun holders.
    Most of these things I’ve found, and keep close to my heart because they’re so familiar.. so wonderful. Things in my life I never want to lose or forget.
    One of the things she had, that I have yet to find and loved was her set of babushka dolls.
    The Matryoska Silk Pillow reminds me of them. How they always watched over me! I’d love to take that pillow with me when I move in a few months, because I know I will surely miss my Mother.

  8. Thomaspaul – Chrysanthemums Cotton Pillow is my favorite. Out of the two listed in the contest, I like the green silk buds pillow.

  9. Thomaspaul Nest Cotton Pillow. I love the birds and this isn’t really over bright colored.

  10. I love the Nook Butterfly design! ~ :) Thanks!

  11. The patterns are subtle but combined with the vibrant colors, make these pillows fantastic!

  12. ooooh….i love the aqua/green silk lilies pillow!

  13. I love the Judd table lamp.

  14. I’d love to win! My favorite is the Chrysanthemums Cotton Pillow in green. It would look great in my living room.

  15. WOW!! the collection is amazing!…there’s something for every taste…like the Taj Mahal rice pillow…very cool!

  16. I love the pillows and the color gives a room just the right amount of color and pop to a room—perfect for spring!

  17. hope i win.

  18. The green/aqua buds pillow would match my bedroom decor quite nicely and whatdo you know? I need pillows!

  19. I like the tone of the reds, the more orangey reds, like in the buds rug.

  20. Beautiful pillows!!!!

  21. Cornsilk is pretty cool, enter me please.

  22. They are all great, but my favorite is the Ebony Linen in the Feather pattern. Gorgeous!

  23. I adore the Bali cotton pillow..the elephant design in red is bright and eye-catching!

  24. thomaspaul Green/Aqua Silk Buds Pillow would go great in my daughters’ room

  25. I love the green/aqua silk buds pillow. These are so adorable. Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. Chrysanthemums!

  27. My favorite is the silk flora pillows. Either the aqua or orange would look beautiful on my brown sofa. I heart Thomas Paul! His patterns and color combos are unique and the kind for which you do have to pay a little more. Thanks for the great contest!

  28. I love the tote bags, I’m a firm believer in function, everthing should have a function and what better way to go shopping and be “GREEN” then to use these cute totes?

  29. I love the green/aqua silk buds pillow

  30. Wow the coral rug is sexy!

  31. Coral rug would be great for my livingroom.

  32. I love these pillows they are both retro and ultra modern .

  33. Matryoska Silk Pillow. Love the colors and the pattern.

  34. Green / Aqua Silk Pillow is amazing! count me in. =)

  35. those are all so beautiful, but I love the scarlet linen pillow. love the designs and hope i win!

  36. I love the pillows……..I think the Matryoska Silk pillow is my favorite, though……

  37. I love the Goldfinch Blue Silk Pillow. The blue is so eligant.

  38. If I win this silk pillow I would be in heavan. I work 2 overnight shifts and three days shifts so my body is so screwed up it don’t know when to sleep. I have trouble sleeping and this would make me feel so much better and help me sleep

  39. I like the Goldfinch & Crows Cotton Tote.

  40. I love the goldfinch blue silk pillow

  41. how very pretty, I like the Ebony linen pillow, but for the contest I would like the blue silk best

  42. peacock feather rug is great

  43. I like the Kookoon – Cotton Covered Comforter

  44. I really like the blue silk pillow

  45. I LOVE these pillows! Please pick me!!!!

  46. Thanks for the giveaway

  47. boy every things so nice i would be happy to have almost any thing

  48. These pillows are stunning! The colors are bright and so pretty.

  49. Pillows are really neat!

  50. sign me up for the moss-linen

  51. I love the blue one with the birds – the one offered as a prize in this contest – but the red silk one goes better with my decor.

  52. the flora 18×18 silk pillow is gorgeous… Of course the two up for the win are beautiful as well. There’s not much I’d pass up on Thomas Paul’s website!!

  53. Great pillows!!

  54. ITS SOFT

  55. i like the flora pillow and the peacock feather rug:)

  56. i hope i win

  57. i love the Goldfinch & Crows Cotton Tote

  58. Duck feathers

  59. Those are beautifully pillows. I am an accessory junky. Very creative website. My favorite design yet is actually the two toned floral you are showing currrently. Have a blessed day.

  60. this will be great

  61. better than a New Orleans PO Boy sandwich

  62. I like it I like It I like it

  63. I hope I would not spill my hot dog and chile on it

  64. I LOVE the green buds, the green lilies and the blue mums. They are all gorgeous and would fit in with my decor wonderfully. I think it would be fun to mix and max some of these pillows. I love the silk, not just how it feels, but how it looks so elegant. You can dress up any piece of furniture with these pillows!

  65. i love the green flora pillow!

  66. The Goldfinch blue silk pillow is really nice :)

  67. Peacock feather rug is so beautiful!

  68. it’s absolutely fabulous

  69. oooh… the indigo linen pillow…

  70. I’m loving the ‘BLUE’ design! It’s gorgeous and it matches my theme in my room perfectly!!

  71. Favorite design is the FLORA AQUA PENDANT LAMP… this is soo unique.. Love it! I am including a link at my newly begun blog for you..what a great site! Thanks for letting us know about this site.
    cathy b

  72. these are so pretty – love them

  73. These are beautiful pillows. I would love to win one so I can just look at it. Thanks

  74. Those are so pretty they would go great with my new bed spread

  75. My vote of the best pillow goes to the Thomas Paul Goldfinch Blue Silk Pillow. Number one, my favorite color is blue. And Number two, the blue in the pillow matches my eyes. Number three, great contest to enter. Thank You.

  76. my favorite is the java linen pillow. nice design!

  77. I love the green and aqua pillow, so beautiful!!!

  78. I love the Judd table lamp. thank you

  79. I really like them both and I bet they are comfortable too

  80. I really like the plum/lavendar silk pillow. Very pretty!

  81. I love these pillows

  82. These are classy pillows

  83. I really like the Robin Tufted Rug and the Indigo Linen Pillow that matches it! I really like the Robin scene! I’d love to win the Goldfinch Blue Satin Pillow…it’s beautiful! Thanks!

  84. i love the blue pillow the clor is so vibrant and sunny looking

  85. love it!

  86. I love pillows and yours are very beautiful.

  87. Thomaspaul – Java Linen Pillow

  88. They look absolutely beautiful!

  89. I love the Thomaspaul – Coral Woven Rug. It is a perfect compliment in the bedroom of our beach cabin. Thank you.

  90. I like the “Buds Tufted Rug!” Please enter me in your beautiful pillow drawing…..Thanks,Cindi

  91. I like the Nest Cotton Pillow.

  92. I looooove the notNeutral – transport Pillow! It’s great for a kids room, family room, or just about anywhere. It’s hot!

  93. I love the positive/negative images. My favorite in the collection is the Corn Silk pillow. My favorite in the two featured pillows is the Goldfinch Blue Silk. Gorgeous.

  94. Beautiful things! I love the Judd Table Lamp

  95. I love the blue Goldfinches!

  96. I love the “retro” look of the Spiro pillows.

  97. My favorite is the Goldfinch & Crows Cotton Tote.

  98. ooo, i love the Brown / Orange Silk Pillow! so cute!

  99. i’m in love with the Red Silk Pillow! the pattern is awesome!

  100. Matryoska Silk pillow

  101. the Bali cotton pillow..the elephant design in red. really love it

  102. I love the Coral Tufted Rug!

  103. (1): thomaspaul Goldfinch Blue Silk pillow. very pretty!

  104. the pillows are so pretty – I like the Goldfinch Blue Silk. I also liked their cotton totes

  105. What beautiful and unique designs, I love them all!!! I’ve never had a silk pillow before – I bet they feel so good, and it’s hard to not constantly touch them!

  106. Soft green silk against my skin, a glass of wine and an intriguing novel – I can almost stand the winter! I desperately need the green floral pillow!! Thanks!!

  107. The Judd II floor lamp is sooo cool!! It kinda reminds me of a lamp my parents had. They must have gotten it in the 50’s or early 60’s. Your designs are fantastic!

  108. I love the Judd table lamp!

  109. My favorite from the thomaspaul collection is the Spiro 2 Silk Pillow. Their all so beautiful though. I would love to own one :]

  110. i’m just crazy about your whole collection, but one of my favorite designs is your floral 18×18 silk pillow.

  111. Love the peacock feather rug!

  112. They are all beautiful! My favorite one is the Blue Silk Pillow.

  113. I love the corn silk one

  114. Thomaspaul – Spiro

  115. Love the blue bird one

  116. I like the Matryoska Silk Pillow. It was so hard to choose one!

  117. Thomas Paul – Blue Silk Pillow ;-)

  118. I love al the pillows, especially the corn silk ones. They are so beautifully elegant and would make any room look so graceful and welcoming at the same time.

  119. These would make an awesome gift.

  120. I love the Chrysanthemums Cotton Pillow in the green.

  121. Such beautiful pillows. I love the Goldfinch Blue Silk pillow.

  122. Love silk!!!! Love it!!!

  123. Some great looking stuff here! My favorite is the Blue Silk Pillow in the Swallows pattern. Thanks for the contest!

  124. The green+aqua buds pillow is wow

  125. Love the blue silk!

  126. My favorite design is the Spiro 18 x 18 Silk Pillow. It would match my room perfectly!

  127. The spiro aqua pillows are nice!

  128. I’m in love with all the notNeutral stuff. The plates, the rugs, etc. Very cool!

  129. The blue bird one is gorgeous!

  130. I like the Thomaspaul – Plum & Lavender Silk Pillow.
    carissaad at gmail dot com

  131. Peacock featherings
    God bless our troops

  132. The corn silk one!

  133. The red Zinnia cotton pillow would look PERFECT on my living room sofa.

  134. Scarlet and Indigo Linen Pillows

  135. My favorite design is the Goldfinch Blue Silk Pillow.

  136. I love the pillows with all the birds–the cotton “Nest” pillow is my favorite.

  137. Love the Ebony Linen pillow but if I could afford it now I would have to go with the Feather Tufted Rug…its so uniquely elegant.

  138. Thomaspaul – Kelly II Floor Lamp
    Thank you for sponsoring this sweepstakes! It is very generous of you!!! Wishing you continued success!

  139. The flora, but I would be happy with any of these from this site. Beautiful things.

  140. I absolutely love the Thomas Paul Flora 18×18 Silk Pillow. It is gorgeous. I think this is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. I love the pillows you are giving away as well.

  141. I really really ADORE the two different renditions of the Matryoska Pillows! The Russian Stacking Dolls or Matryoska Pillows are lovely! Each adorable!!!! The muted Matryoska Dolls on the chocolate background of silk twill 20 X 20.
    Then you see the Five bright Matryoska dolls 12 X 20 (each in a pretty pastel hue) against a crisp white background with black piping! Alone or together The Matryoska are (DREAMY)) They would add such a whimsical, ethereal enchanting breeze to any haven or environment.
    A fresh vintage folk tale romance to any room, sofa, bed, etc. LOVE THEM!!!
    The lamps are STUNNING!!
    The finch silk pillow in two tones of blue would add such a serene sea to sky element to my little home. Crossing my fingers.

  142. It was a hard choice-normally I am a green type(favorite color) but I think I really like the Blue and since I don’t have a couch this might inspire me to get one and to match the pillow-very pretty.

  143. My favorite is the Thomas Paul – Blue Silk Pillow

  144. I love the brown/orange silk pillow. The colors are the autumn shades I love and who wouldn’t love the feel and texture of silk?

  145. I love the Thomaspaul – Matryoska Silk Pillow.I really like the design on these pillows.Very
    classy website.Please enter me to win and thanks

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