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The most useful unnecessary things you’ll ever need

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects



MXYPLYZYK is one of the most mispronounced names of a store I’ve ever encountered.  But I’m so glad I did, because they have a wide array of very cute, cheeky, useful things, and best of all, priced quite affordably.  These common, everyday home/office accessories are done in a very fun and conversation starter kind of way.  Never again will you look at a drain stopper the same way, nor will you curse your head off from tripping over the cell phone charger cord.   Conveniently enough, all items in their Greenwich Village NYC store and website are 20% off at checkout, through March 9th!!!

Check out their website.

(woman’s most lethal weapon – her purse)

(no mess cellphone charger)

2 Comments to "The most useful unnecessary things you’ll ever need"

  1. I think the “no mess cellphone charger” is very usefull. I really want one.

  2. Great stuff, I’ll have to check out their store! The drain plug is awesome. The phone holder would be perfect, if I actually had any outlets in my bedroom…ah, Brooklyn apts.

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