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Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

Top three reasons why I’m loving
  a Montreal-based textile line founded in 2003:

1. Their name is a visual play for the number 100%. Look closely— you’ll see it. Smart AND lovely!
2. Looolo’s newest line of textiles is inspired by an old Vogue catalog illustration of a Paris woman taking a stroll. And you KNOW I love the blend of fashion and decor.
3. The fabric? Made of certified organic cotton (NO artificial pesticides or insecticides!).

Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like Looolo does. Get your textiles right here, and give yourself  a high five for saving the environment in such a luxurious way. ;)

See you next week! Love to you.

5 Comments to "looolo"

  1. Loolo is definitely one of my personal favorites. Modern, tactile, organic. Doesn’t get any better. Thanks for sharing new looks with us!

  2. ooh, i love these pillows! and the fact that they’re organic makes them even nicer. those colors together are fantastic.

  3. Gorgeous…

  4. I love the bold texture. Such Style!

  5. Beautiful pillows, thanks for sharing!!

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