Eye on Dubai: Artists, Part i

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Dubai is known for many things and yet one thing alone: new. New anything and everything. From the plastic left on car seats, foam covers on bicycle bodies and the new handbag of the month (never mind the season), Dubai puts a special emphasis on the new rather than the old. Their history is still being manufactured, so to speak, and so there is not 2,000 year old buildings, churches (or mosques, for that matter) or ruins like on the streets of Europe, or even the old red brick that everyone recognizes Boston for…their history is built around the new. New buildings, new cars, new business, and well, new art.

But there is one man changing that: Arnaud Rivieren. Although ultimately, he creates something new, he begins by transforming unwanted scraps (found in the city and in backyards) into “beautifully ethereal works of art” from, well, the old. Arnaud was born in Brussels and now resides in the UAE, and has exhibited his work on two other occasions at B21 Progressive Art Gallery, in 2005 and 2006. Much of his first exhibition was painted steel, but this current work shows his beautiful craft in the raw.
From December to January, Arnaud has been displaying this metal sculpture work at B21 Progressive Art Gallery…for those who don’t live here, check out some of his work on their site. His work evokes calming emotion and it’s simplicity allows it to work anywhere, inside or out. Enjoy.






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  1. Jake

    Feb 8, 2008 at 1:57 am

    Wow… this awesome art… the one on the table looks great! :)

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