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Daily Archives: February 25, 2008


Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

Top three reasons why I’m loving   a Montreal-based textile line founded in 2003: 1. Their name is a visual play for the number 100%. Look closely— you’ll see it. Smart AND lovely!2. Looolo’s newest line of textiles is inspired by an old Vogue catalog illustration of a Paris woman — Continue reading

To Boldly Go Where No Wallpaper Has Gone Before

Categories: Art + Graphics
To Boldly Go Where No Wallpaper Has Gone Before

From her Walls 2008 collection, designer Camilla Diedrich gives us the bold, light-drenched Nature Wallpaper.  Her paper, inspired by the illusion of light that emanates from textiles, is available in eight stunning colors.  These papers take on a rich 3-D quality, owed to Diedrich’s inspiration from architecture.  "I’ve always liked — Continue reading