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A top Scandinavian design company specializing in executive wooden toys, PLAYSAM creates toys for the designer – and kid –  in all of us.  Streamlined, creative and sophisticated, PLAYSAM was a prominent part of our holiday celebrations, gifting them as well as getting some, and we look forward to introducing some more of our favorites into our collections for both our flat as well as our new POSIT studio office. 

In December of 2006, The New York Times printed a wonderful article on the PLAYSAM Streamliner car, a 5" wooden toy car, and a call to all artists and designers to take part in creatively reinventing the classic for the World Children’s Foundation charity sponsored by Fitzsu Society.  Michael Graves, Karim Rashid, Scott Henderson and Richard Mier are just a few of the many creatives that took part in the charity.  You can read the article and see some images here of their re-inventions.  Rashid’s just screams him!  Totally whimsical and really, is there any other color than pink!??!

PLAYSAM has really made a name for themselves, having done design on demand for the likes of SAAB and VOLVO, as well as been inspired of something of a phenomenon in it’s own right: the Apple iPod has now spawned the Streamliner iCar

Here are some of our gifts, our gifted and some we just really love….remember, you get to play with them too! 


   Racer_f1_black_big Streamliner_mac_500 Xvan_black_450x300

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