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Recycle, re-use, re-think

Categories: Sustainability

What does this…


have to do with this?


What you are seeing the before and after of other people’s rubbish. South African designer, Heath Nash, takes recycling to a whole new level with his products. Using techniques commonly found in South Africa, such as wire-working, Heath and his team have created beautiful lamps, screens and more.



Heath was awarded the 2006 Designer of the Year award by Elle Decoration South Africa for his work, “Other People’s Rubbish” and hasn’t stopped since.
His work is available Stateside at Amaridian, and his delightful hat-rack is available at Anthropologie.


For more about Heath, go to Treehugger.com or here , or simply go to his website.

2 Comments to "Recycle, re-use, re-think"

  1. wow- love the colorful recycled lamps!!!

  2. Yay! Heath is the absolute bomb! Great to see his work at 2modern.

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