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Melina Hammer : Ancient meets Modern

Categories: Fashion + Trends

Melina Hammer is a New York based metalsmith. Saying that she is a jewelry designer would be an understatement. I would say an artist that is hand-crafting wearable sculpture.


She uses exclusively hand processes, creating many pieces
as one-of-a-kind statements, with small batch editions as companion works.


People commission her for a small or great piece, directly through her website at http://melinahammer.com, or purchase works at
the boutique Brigitte NYC, in Soho, New York.

One Comment to "Melina Hammer : Ancient meets Modern"

  1. Melina Hammer is an artist that deserves all the attention, and more, that you can provide her. I am a satisfied client of hers that lives in London. People who are looking for something unique and of the highest quality would do well to take a closer look at her body of work. Im saving up to comission my next piece.

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