Evo Design for the Kitchen

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Deb had sent this over and thought it was worth a look:


Evo Design (www.evodesign.com), an
industrial design firm committed to sustainability (the headquarters is housed
in a reclaimed sewage treatment plant), designed the new look for Recycline’s
new kitchen products out now at Whole Foods stores. The products are made of
100% recyclable and recycled plastic.


One style of cutting board is made out of
PaperStone infused with a vegetable dye which gently fades wash after wash. The
product design took its cues from nature: the colander is inspired by the shape
of a strawberry, storage food containers an apple, and the cutting boards a



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  1. Mike Charles

    May 21, 2008 at 2:40 pm

    Major problem with using recycled plastics for food containers is that you don’t know where the plastic comes from. Do you want to eat from a container containing plastics that might have held toxic chemicals at one point?

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