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Under the Willow

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

Welcome to the world of contemporary South African design. Every Friday, for the next while, I will be your guide to the new and exciting design that’s bursting from the shores of my homeland. After years of following the pack, South Africa is producing awesome talent that is inspired by its own heritage, place and people.

A great place to start is the Willowlamp. Designed by husband-wife team, TeamTwo (Adam Hoets and Sian Eliot), this design is created from ballchain. You know, the thing that attaches a pen to a desk, like at your local post office. It falls softly, and moves in the breeze. It has weight, but its transparent. It comes in lots of different designs, some based on the  Flower of Life (the red chandelier) and others made for spaces large and small.


The Willowlamp has made appearances in the States, at The International Contemporary Furniture Fair (which was so nicely captured by design*sponge)


Unfortunately, a lot of the new design from South Africa does not have a web presence, and so those of us not fortunate enough to live close by will have to do without. Not so with the Willowlamp. Luckily for us in the States, TeamTwo are represented by Amaridian, in New York. Do check out the site for the lamp and other contemporary South African art, sculpture and design.

For other news on South African art, design, craft and more, visit me at my blog, South of the Sahara.

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