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African Prefab

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

Modern prefab is enjoying a moment in the sun, and I’m all for it. Good design at a reasonable price and building in a way that mostly does not harm the environment is the way I’d like to live. As I’m such a huge fan of modern prefab, imagine my delight when I discovered the African prefab. The brainchild of French-born Eric Bigot, who has worked in areas as far-reaching as the Ministry of Housing in Zambia, to the high-rises of New York City, it is called ZenKaya.  The name comes from wordplay: “Zen because it is a trouble free experience and Kaya means home in vernacular South African language, where the concept was first sketched”, according to the Zenkaya website.





4 Comments to "African Prefab"

  1. I love this! I really like the sink and floor in the bathroom. The view from the porch is pretty amazing too.

  2. Are they being shipped in or manufactured in Africa. Be great if the majority of the manufacturing took place in Africa.
    Love it when people are thinking.

  3. Neil, I believe they are manufactured in South Africa.

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