Putting the Petal to the Metal

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If I had to choose my favorite of printmaker Beth Weintraub’s pieces, I’d have to select one of her etched metal plates.  Simple, stunning and naturally modern.
"Inspired by mass produced modular furniture of the 50’s and 60’s,
Weintraub wanted to create a series of mix and match artworks, where
the client becomes the designer. This eventually resulted in the
creation of modular wall tiles, finished and ready to hang, no framing
is needed. Weintraub takes a rigid, historical printmaking process into
today’s modern world. Rejecting the idea that printing is only for
repetitious editions of identical paper images, Weintraub takes extra
time to print editions that are varied in color, no two alike. The
metal plates are all original, hand painted etchings. Photography and
digital devices are not used."


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