Joshua Prince-Ramus at the TED Conference (and some other stuff, too!)

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I’m hoping to expose the reader today to some of the far edges of design while maintaining the context that I originally set out to explore: Dutch and English Design. If you have not been following, I’ve loosely based my posts around the interesting stuff coming out of design schools and studios in Britain and Holland. Todays post is a bit of a stretch. It’s a video of Joshua Prince-Ramus giving a presentation of some of the latest designs coming out of OMA, a Dutch based architecture firm. If you are not familiar with OMA’s work you will be soon. The firm is probably most famous in the United States for their Seattle Public Library, however, they have much more auspicious projects to come in the very near future such as the Museum Plaza in Louisville, KY.

Outside of showing Joshua Prince-Ramus, take note of the TED Conference website in general. The presenters are absolutely amazing and compelling. The people who present include inventors of lightweight robots to former presidents and everything spectacular in between. I urge you to explore the site for some serious design inspiration, but if you lack the time, I’ve included links to some of the more jaw dropping presentations. Prepare to be amazed.

For more great presentations, check out:

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