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Daily Archives: October 31, 2007

City Shrinker

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Art + Graphics, Local + Travel
City Shrinker

Ben Thomas sent over a URL to a very cool project: CITY SHRINKER He shrinks down cities to model size. The detail blows me away. How does he find the time? The answer (from Michael): is Google Tilt Shift Photography The site is worth definitely worth a visit.

How To Discover the Latest Design Trends

Categories: DIY + How To, Fashion + Trends, Modern Decor + Objects, News + Events + Contests
How To Discover the Latest Design Trends

One of my favorite pastimes is data mining design. It’s a labor intensive hobby, but one that I get great enjoyment out of. So, what is data mining design? It’s basically scouring the world for new designers and design trends. Do you ever wonder how design blogs come up with — Continue reading