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Daily Archives: October 27, 2007

Pretty Snakey

Categories: Fashion + Trends, Modern Decor + Objects
Pretty Snakey

In recent years, the trend in exotic-skins has seen the likes of alligator and crocodile being used in high fashion accessories. This fall, the hottest skin, in the luxury market, is Python. A native of Southeast Asia, it is known for its variations in color and scale and its supple — Continue reading

Modern vs. Contemporary

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Fashion + Trends, News + Events + Contests
Modern vs. Contemporary

There is a little debate going on here that I thought I would throw some commentary on: http://2modern.blogs.com/2modern/2007/10/2008-dream-ride.html What is the definition of MODERN vs the definition of CONTEMPORARY? MODERN: from the dictionary: adjective:Characteristic or expressive of recent times or the present; contemporary or up-to-date: a modern lifestyle; a modern — Continue reading