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2Modern interviews Metropolitan Home!

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Fashion + Trends, Sustainability


2Modern interviews Donna Warner, the Editor in Chief of Metropolitan Home, about the newly redesigned magazine.

Click Here for an Exclusive Interview

Highlights of the interview include:

– What goes into a magazine redesign
– An in depth discussion of the changes made and why
– How has the advent of the internet effected the magazine
– The Green movement
– And much more…


Highlights of the redesigned sections of the magazine include:

  • A new front of book section *Word is now 8 pages long and has combined the previously-tabbed “Take Note” and “Metro” sections. Products that were featured in “Take Note” will now be featured in a section called “The Goods” and “Metro” is still there – broken into Metro//see, Metro//Shop, Metro//Stay, and Metro//Eat. 
  • There are also new additions such as:
        – An eco ticker running along the bottom of each page with fun environmental facts
        – Quick tips from experts titled “What the Pros Know”
        – A section featuring a new design website titled “Logging On”
        – Money savvy advice in a column called “Real-Life Money”
  • Other new section features include "Owner’s Manual", which will highlight tech-savvy appliances; "Real Life Money", which will offer financial guidance; and "High Low", which will present two options for a featured product: one luxury find and its budget-oriented equivalent.


Thank you again to Donna Warner!


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