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Crosstep(image from mynameisandy.com)
I have been lucky enough to go to a number of exhibits for this unique artist, Andy Davis. In fact, back in the day, I rocked a few Andy Davis T’s.
My favorite, with the words “Free” across my chest brought a lot of attention. Wait! Was it the artistic impression of my garb or what I was suggesting at my ripe old age of 19?
Damn, I just realized that…Either way, I wish I still had that T, it’s going to be valuable soon…

So, to my surprise, this month when I opened my subscription to Domino, I was so excited to see that Andy is featured as one of the artists in their “Surf Art” spotlight.

I feel a natural affinity towards Andy’s art. He has that pop, modern vibe which I am keen on and, Andy embraces the surf culture that I have grown up with. His images are simple and faceless. His color use, urban and melodic.

I love to see success with people who are just doing what comes naturally. There are no airs about this artist. He surfs, he draws and then he surfs some more.

Living the life that many wish they had, kudos to this artist for all of his success. I am pretty sure if you asked him last year what his plans were for the future, he never would have imagined Domino magazine…
Congrats Andy!

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