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Dosh Darnit !

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

I think in my career as a wallet carrying adult I have washed or accidentally ruined my wallet and it’s content through water damage 6 times.  Those 6 times sucked ! Notes and receipts became one with my t-shirts, money got all funny and the wallet itself was finished.

The kids over at BlueSky have come up with a solution to help us with this little problem. They have created the Dosh  wallet which is made up of a blend of flexible/semi-flexible polymers and thermoplastic polyurethane that makes it durable and washable. It also has a lot of cool storage compartments for all your wallet needs including a unique integrated compartment for your important stuff.

On top of all that, it looks cool and it’s manufactured in Sydney.



One Comment to "Dosh Darnit !"

  1. Hey guys,
    Thanks so much for the great write up, we have currently got a new range of wallets out, and for the readers of this blog we have 30% off. Just click on the ‘o’ in ‘Dosh’ on the homepage of the site and it will take you through to the discount page.
    Julian Cole
    Online Dosh Ninja.

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