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One of the most difficult things we had to agree on for our home remodel was the alarm clock.  The black plastic thing from Target wasn’t really doing it for us anymore.  I wanted a sleek, modern form factor.  My husband wanted the old-school red lettering.  It had to sound like something we could wake up to every morning.  Here are some of the choices that we considered.

The Multi Medium Clock by Phillipe Starck is an alarm clock, weather station and radio with digital projection. 

I really, really wanted Tivoli Audio’s Model Three Clock Radio.  It was the perfect aesthetic for our bedroom, but it lacked the digital numbers my husband required.


For a while I thought the Dolmen would suffice; after all, who could resist the simple cubist design?


Marc Berthier’s Ring alarm clock has the digital display that made my husband happy, but it was a little bit too orange for our muted bedroom colors.

Believe it or not, Clocky was one serious contender.  We almost got it just to see what the dogs would do in the morning when it tried to run away!


When all was said and done, we both decided on Furni’s Alba.  We ordered it pre-production and had to wait three months for it to arrive.  It was well worth the wait.  I love the sleek lines, the buttons on the side and alarm that says "get out of bed NOW."  And please notice the big red numbers in all their digital glory.  Thank you, Furni, for keeping me happily married.  We love waking up with you every morning.

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  1. Melissa

    Jul 30, 2007 at 12:49 pm

    I actually just got the clocky. It is surprisingly not as annoying as it says it is, but it still works!

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