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Posted by Alexandra Kain, 3blacksheep

I’m having a pretty eccentric day so I figured I’d post on everything and anything in the realm of design.

1. George Chair by John Goulder. This designer from down under is a 4th generation craftsman and focuses his  appreciation for furniture on the process just as much as the outcome. George_03

2. Cards by Orange Tree Project. A non-profit organization that creates simple and inspiring stationary with proceeds benefiting families in need. Reminds me of the song by The Knife, "You make me like charity."

3. Dubai Tower. The world’s next tallest building is currently under construction in Dubai and is said to be significantly taller than any other contenders upon completion in 2008. Most definitely a major feat in architectural design. Articles on BBC and Designboom

4. Las Manos 12oz cup by Circa Ceramics. Avocado is my new favorite color. Drink up!

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