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I have a new virtual friend, Suzanne Shade, Director and Curator of The Beholder.
I don’t know if virtual friend is the correct term. I don’t have many ‘virtual friends’ only because I prefer “in person” friends really… I have never met Suzanne in person, but I have been an admirer of her site for some time now. Just recently we connected via email and while I tried everything in my power to attend her most recent art show in LA, I was 30K miles in the sky, on my way to ICFF.
Hence, Suzanne is still my virtual friend, (but I do vow to meet her someday), and I still love to cruz her site to check out emerging artists.
At her recent show in LA, she had many of my favorites including, Eleanor Jane Parsons, whose name I just love…
image supplied by The Beholder, Eleanor Jane Parsons.

…and also Emma Tresemer.

image supplied by The Beholder, Emma Tresemer

If you are a lover of art and feeling curious, check out Suzanne’s site for some unique and original pieces. Suzanne has dedicated herself to promoting talented artist so that we can be exposed to something a little bit more interesting and a bit more artsy than what’s available to the mass.

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