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I pretended that I won a bunch of money this weekend and went shopping for some finer things to spruce up my pad. Here’s what I found…

I am pretty sure my dining table would look so modern and absolutely enchanting with 3 of these beautiful vases lining the center of the table. Lladro is teaming up with some wonderful designers to capture a contemporary approach to objects for the home. I can imagine something pink and delicate topping it off… or… just leaving it empty…yes, empty, this piece is a work of art on it’s own and needs nothing more.


I also really love what’s happening over at Henry Hall. These folks have really stepped it up and honestly I can’t stop redesigning my backyard just so I can fit a few of these dramatic loungers in my world. I am pretty sure a mojito and a good pile of design magazines, on a hot Huntington Beach day would make for the perfect dwelling. If you are a modern enthusiast and need some dynamic inspiration for your pad, check out this company… quickly now! Summer is almost here!


I am pretty sure a new bathroom is in the works for me. Whether I have the cash or not, I am SO going big! Why not right? I mean this is the place that evokes beauty for me. This is where I give myself facials, this is where I drink my morning ritual of green tea, or coffee, on really frazzled days… Not only does a rejuvenated bathroom put value back into your home but seriously folks, a lot happens in this place and it should leave you with a feeling of therapeutic reinvention and gorgeous vogue inspiration. I am pretty sure I can’t live without this clay sink from Agape. Can you?

I will keep dreaming about things that are visually intoxicating. Hope you find pleasure too.

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  1. Susan

    Apr 16, 2007 at 11:54 am

    Nice finds…I guess those large prints are being seen over even very small things, which is really a fresh look! And, yes, I am a very easy sell on pottery, I collect it…love that one in white.

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