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Il_155x1255357879_1I was introduced to Etsy.com earlier this year and I am totally obsessed. There are so many underground designers on this website looking to expose us all to something a little less mainstream and a lot more affordable… I usually go straight to the art section to get my hands on original works but this year when I was doing some Christmas shopping I decided to venture into the jewelry category.
I have some funky fresh friends who would undoubtedly appreciate some original and unique acutriments to adorn their body with. I have absolutely fallen for one particular designer at tigerlillyshop.com. The designer, Allison Fomich makes unbelievable rings that are japanese inspired and made of a thin plastic. Although these rings are VERY fragile, they are so cool. Reserve these rings for special times…no washing dishes, no changing the oil in your car… you catch my drift. When you order, be prepared with a ring size. Rings aren’t the only thing that you can find on tigerlillyshop. There are cool earrings, pendants and wallets. Everything is fabulous, so if you are not already signed up with Etsy, get it together and get shopping. You money goes a long way on this website.
Allison was kind enough to hook us up with her sister’s site on Etsy too. Check out yabettasupadont for more unique pieces that will surely get you compliments. Just like Allison’s pieces, Maria’s are wearable art. I just bought my friend a sparkly yellow cuff that I may have a hard time giving up. Again, the pieces in this “store” are absolutely affordable and undeniably unique. Check it out.



all images are provided by tigerlillyshop and yabettasupadont on etsy.com

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