Modern Recycled Art (posters)


BetterWall has partnered with over 20 major art museums around the country to salvage and sell their used exhibition street banners.


The banners we sell are the actual banners that have been hung on city street-posts to promote major exhibitions in New York, LA, Chicago, San Francisco and elsewhere. These vinyl banners are gorgeous, and bear images of some of the world’s greatest works of art (including works by contemporary artists that aren’t often found in reproduction) in a large-scale format.


I guess it is best described as a form of contemporary advertising art. They give a portion of the proceeds from each banner that is sold through their website, www.betterwall.com, back to the museums, providing much needed revenue to these valuable cultural institutions.  Any banners that are damaged are destroyed and recycled for the raw materials – they’ve already kept over 10 tons of vinyl out of landfills in the past year alone.


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