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2Modern Design Talk is going to take you on a little tour across the United States, looking for the best in modern lifestyle resources by major metropolitan city. We are starting with Seattle and zig-zagging our way to New York. If you have any suggestions for our directory, which we will be constantly improving and adding, please let us know by providing comments to the posts.

Modern Denver


The Frederic C. Hamilton Building which opens in October, clearly shows us that Denver is raising the bar in modern architecture.


Modern Furniture Stores:


The Furniture Room

Mod Livin

One Home

Room & Board

Urban Lifestyle



Modern Art & Museums:

Denver Art Museum

Museum of Contemporary Art

Museum of Outdoor Arts

Plus Gallery

Pirate Art

Robischon Gallery


Modern Architecture:

Denver Art Museum

Denver Public Library

GWL Lobby

Mile High Stadium

Museum of Outdoor Arts


Modern Architects/Designers:

Doerr Architecture

John Henley Designs

Emmet Culligan Designs



Studio HT

HD & Associates

Cocallas Hoskin Architects


Modern Etc:

Denver Lofts

Real Estate for Modern Architecture

Modern Homes

Things to do

Here is a link to all the other modern cities:

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