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What’s in a window? Looking from the inside out, many seem the same. But it is the attention to details that make all the difference, especially when you are dealing with higher-end property.

The old saying "You get what you pay for" couldn’t be more true than with windows. When you are making that decision of which window supplier to go with for the new cabin with the beautiful views, realize that this purchase will determine the sound, viewing and insulation qualities for the lifetime of the house. Isn’t it worth it to get the best?

As a little intro, here is one of the premiere suppliers of windows and doors in the world:


Their glass is thicker than most manufacturers, making the glass more insulated, impact resistant and sound-proof.


They use Douglas Fir as the standard wood species, a naturally tough material, and use a special sealant making it decay resistant and more water repellent.

They also offer a variety of extruded aluminum cladding in many different finishes.

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