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You can tell a lot about accessories. Someone could be wearing an expensive, well-tailored suit, but if his shoes are all scuffed-up and ratty, you have to take a second look. Why did he spend all that money trying to look good and then go cheap on his shoes. Did he think someone wasn’t going to notice?

Looking for more details that make the difference from a boring, so-so or acceptable commercial space and a complete, well-rounded, if not spectacular space? Well, like the suit, the most noticed element could be the architectural space, the lighting and furnishings.


Does anyone really notice the railing systems when going up the stairs, or walking past them? Not necessarily, you don’t really want them to, unless they look at it and say: ‘wow’. Otherwise, it is like the scuffed-up shoes.


HDI Systems make these great railing systems as shown above and below.



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