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You have to admire SWECO, an international consulting and architecture firm out of Sweden.

They provide the engineering and guts behind projects such as Turning Torso and Dania Park, but they also provide the vision and expertise to provide solutions for environmental/municipal endeavors such as Buffalo City, South Africa and clean water systems in Croatia.

Hard to picture those, so I’ll provide some eye candy from some of their more visual projects.

Turning_torso Located in the Western Harbor in Malmo, Turning Torso is a 54-story structure that twists 90 degrees, from bottom to top. The architect, Santiago Calatrava, is often inspired by the natural movement of animals and people and in Turning Torso’s case, the construction represents a human body in a twisting movement.

Harnosand_public_library Harnosand Public Lirbrary.

+…who else has a guy that runs a business with a name as cool as WIGON THURESSON? Wigon!

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