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After the SWECO post, I had to elaborate a bit on the visionary behind the Turning Torso: Santiago Caltrava

Santiago_calatrava Santiago Calatrava with his Turning Torso prototype.

Santiago Calatrava was born in Valencia, Spain on July 28, 1951.

He pursued undergraduate studies at the Architecture School and Arts and Crafts School. Following graduation in 1975, he enrolled in the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich, Switzerland for graduate work in civil engineering. Calatrava was influenced by the French architect Le Corbusier, whose Notre Dame du Haut chapel caused Calatrava to examine how complex form could be understood and generated in architecture. In 1981 after completing his doctoral thesis, "On the Foldability of Space Frames", he started his architecture and engineering practice.

Sun_dial_bridge Turtle Bay Sundial Bridge

In 1981, Calatrava began his professional practice by opening an architectural and engineering office in Zurich. His first realized project was the Jakem Factory in 1983, in Munchwilen, Switzerland. His second office was opened in Paris in 1989.

In his almost 20 years of practice, he was won countless awards, including the 1992 "Gold Medal of the Institute of Structural Engineers," and the 1987 "Auguste Perret UIA Prize."

Athens_olympic_sports_complex Athens Olympic Sports Complex (OAKA): Agora

Sometimes you wonder how one has enough time in a day to build buildings, bridges, sculptures and art…all at a internationally-praised level. Sigh…

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  1. Al

    Feb 11, 2006 at 1:34 pm

    I think the real question is:
    Why there aren’t more people willing to pay for his work?
    The world would be much more beautiful

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