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Please beware that these are my comments alone, not necessarily those of the rest of the contributors to this Modern Design Blog.

Back to the things I see that I like and things that I don’t.

Let’s start with something I really like!

The entire WISHBONE series by Jacob Marks of Skram Furniture.

Modern_bench Wishbone Bench

Modern_table_1 Wishbone Low Table

Okay…now something I saw that…was…er…less than great.

Modern_chairs Luminaire Jenette Chair (by Edra)

Let me first say that I really admire Edra and the Campana Brothers. They are about as innovative as you can get. Many of their designs, I LOVE!

It is just that this chair has gotten so much acclaim and really…The chair is made of stainless steel and covered with thousands of long thin branches of PVC.

Innovative? YES! But would I have a dinner party with these? Long hair tangling in the branches of PVC and after dinner saying "Yes, now if everyone would just flip their chairs over to sweep up their zone….I’m kind of a neat freak…dustpans are taped to the bottom of the chairs"…


A for innovation, but a little eighties for my taste.

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