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Just wandering aimlessly, I suppose, but I found something I liked and something that I didn’t.

To be fair, all innovative modern design is good. There is nothing wrong with experimenting and failing…better than staying stagnant or repetitive.

But sometimes that innovation creates great things, sometimes ordinary and other times downright ugly.

In my humble opinion:

Ligne_roset Ligne Roset Togo.

First of all…LOVE the orange. That might be why this goes from B to A. I am in love with things that are orange right now. The Togo is very inviting. I want to lounge there with my cat. A big bean bag that still looks good. Sofa, loveseat, corner seat fireside chair and ottoman available.

Hatbox2 Kohler Hat Box Toilet

Sorry…I am not loving this. Kohler is doing a big ad push on this and frankly it looks like a garbage can. And function…look at the primary, er, area. Sorry, my aim is not that good!

Vessels Kohler Vessels Turnings Lavatory

So I felt guilty by pointing out the poopcan, so I found something I did like (and there is a lot, don’t get me wrong, Kohler has quite a few nice items). The basin comes in whites, neutrals, greens, blues, greys and custom.

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  1. Commercial Urinals

    Jul 26, 2011 at 12:36 pm

    great photos! I especially like the idea of the toilet, very modern.

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