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Please beware that these are my comments alone, not necessarily those of the rest of the contributors to this Modern Design Blog.

There are no shortage of blogs out there, especially ones that say: Oh I love this and I have to have this and so on…but let’s face it people, not everything is great. Some of it can be downright…er…not good.

I give everyone in modern design an A+ for effort. You have to push the envelope. It just doesn’t always work.

That said, here is my not-so-likey list before the holidays:

Armani/Casa > not everything, but some of it just sticks out as just plain bad. The fact that the site stinks and has this really cheesy loop in the back doesn’t help the experience.

Chair_1 Sorry to do this to you…it is hard to watch. A new armchair called Rachmaninoff.

Modern_pillow These are supposed to go together somehow? Put those 2 things together and you have an Ugly Sandwich, hold the mayo.

As always, I look for the bright side. Some of their beds are nice and same with some outdoor furniture.

Armani_chaise Armani Casa Chaise Lounge

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