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In California, summer is finally here! Wait…it’s already August! Well, in San Francisco, the fog is heavy in June and July and it isn’t until August when we start to really enjoy the heat of summer. Purples, bright greens and yellows, blue skies… Bright colors also happened to be very popular at ICFF and the NY Gift Show this year. Modern Outdoor had a booth full of outdoor furniture that popped out at you. Here is one of the chairs:


If you could imagine the whole booth of complimentary benches, tables, umbrellas, etc., it looked really nice. Quite a contrast for the line which has been traditionally IPE wood on stainless steel.

Furniture/textile design seems to follow fashion design by 6-18 months (or more). The bright colors and pastels which hit clothing lines a while ago are now trickling down into the modern furniture world.

From a textile perspective, look at the colors angela adams introduced in the Jimi Dandelion rug:


There is nothing wrong with bringing in more color. It has the potential to create a little bit more of a design challenge. Neutral and earthy tones are easier to work with than bright colors. Though if done correctly, or in limited areas, it can add much needed color and character to a space.

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